Seminars-Freedom From Fear and Health

Dr. John Erdmann also offers powerful chiropractic and health seminars throughout the Bay Area including the local areas of Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek and Lafayette. I have been in practice for over six years as a natural health care doctor. Licensed as a chiropractor, I have a Diplomat in Applied Kinesiology, which studies the body’s movement, muscles, biomechanics, energy-meridians, neurological balance, nutrition, herbs and general state of well being of the body. My passion is education and natural health. I have attended over 20 seminars last year alone. My mission is to help educate people on natural healing and to create a sense of empowerment and self reliance with their best doctor with-in. In as much; this seminar will show you how to tune into what the body is communicating. How to correct and heal yourself. We will give practical tools for Emotional freedom, Diet, Herbs, Exercise and much more. We will have plenty of exciting demonstrations and workshops. We will teach “How to heal holistically.” Action packed and guaranteed to leave you inspired and healthy than before you came.


  Emotional freedom Technique: heal your own phobias

  Get worked on with Neuro-Emotional Technique

  30 day diet challenge and daily coaching

  Diet planning and goal setting

  Neuro linguistic exercises for re-thinking

  Exercises and stretching techniques

  Nutrition assessment and plan

  Exciting, fun and action packed!!!


I conduct seminars throughout the Bay Area including the local areas of Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Concord and Lafayette. If you are interested, please call us at (925) 943-6219 and ask Ornella for the details. And just for signing up you will get a free CD on “Natural Healing Basics and NET.” This is my gift to you all. Plus my staff will run a free nutritional evaluation on all seminar attendees.



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